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Cytomics Sdn. Bhd. founded since 2013 by a group of peoples from different background in life sciences, sales and marketing. We distribute wide range of products in life science, biomedical and analytical chemistry to universities, research institutions, biotechnology companies. Our life science and biomedical product range includes molecular biology reagent, antibodies, antibiotics, small molecule, bio-active substance, primary cell , stem cell, cancer cell line and 3D cell culture system. 

Cytomics also provides genomics services like gene synthesis, plasmid DNA preparation,  peptide synthesis, mutagenesis and gene editing using CRISPR-Cas9 technology. We utilized Agilent 6520 Q-TOF and Orbitrap LTQ Mass Spectrometer in proteomics, metabolomics and small molecule screening. Our professional service team possessed experience in handling different type of biological samples to meet our customer satisfaction.

Mimicking Human Physiological State

Human Primary Cells and Stem Cells

Primary cell and stem cell are directly isolated from living tissue and established for growth in vitro.  These cells have underwent very few population doubling and are therefore closely mimic the physiological state of cells in vivo. Hence, its generate more relevant data representing human body system. Six difference types of high quality human primary cells and their optimized cell culture medium are offered to serve your research goals.  


Cytomics collaborates with Tissue Enginnering Centre, National University of Malaysia Medical Centre to distribute 7 types primary cells and stem cells such as Keratinocytes, Dermal Fibroblast, Skeletal Muscle Myoblasts, Adipose-derived MSC, Bone Marrow-derived MSC and Wharton’s Jelly-derived MSC and Respiratory Epithelium. All of the cells are ethnically derived from human origin and free from pathological disease.



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