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GenomONE-Neo EX HVJ-E 1 vial Transfection Reagents

GenomONE-Neo EX HVJ-E 1 vial Transfection Reagents

HVJ (hemagglutinating virus of Japan) Envelope VECTOR KIT is a tool for transfection of molecules (plasmid DNAs, siRNAs, oligonucleotides, proteins, antibodies etc.) into cells and animal tissue  by means of membrane fusion.


The HVJ envelope, carrying the molecule to be transfected, is composed of a completely inactivated and purified HVJ (Sendai virus) while preserving the cell membrane-fusing capability of the envelope.
GenomONE-Neo EX provides ready-to-use kits containing the HVJ envelope and auxiliary reagents (incorporation enhancer, incorporation reagent, introduction enhancer, buffer)

  • Application

    [1] siRNA transfection

    in vitro
    Primary T cell (Human peripheral blood)
    Primary cardiac myocyte (Rat cardiac myocyte)
    Differentiated C2C12 (Mouse myoblast)
    monkey ES cells
    Min6 (Mouse pancreatic β cell)
    U937 (Human myelomonocytic cell)

    in vivo
    ntradermally transplanted human cervix cancer /HeLa (SCID mouse)
    Submandibular gland (rat)

    [2] Protein delivery

    in vitro
    Primary macrophage (C3H mouse peritoneal resident)
    Swiss 3T3 cell (Mouse embryonic fibroblasts)
    in vivo
    Nucleus tractus solitarius (Rat brain)

    [3] Oligo DNA transfection

    in vitro
    Primary HDMECs (Human dermal microvascular endothelial cell)
    Primary CD34+ cell (Human blood)
    in vivo
    Uterus (Mouse)
    Skin, ear lobe (Mouse)
    Lung (Mouse)

    [4] Plasmid DNA transfection

    in vivo
    Palatal periodontal tissue (Rat)
    Myocardium (Rat heart)
    Lung (neonatal porcine)
    Subcutaneously transplanted human colon cancer /LoVo (nude mouse)

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