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Adipose Tissue-derived MSC (hMSC-AT)

Adipose Tissue-derived MSC (hMSC-AT)


Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Adipose Tissue (hMSC-AT) are present in fat tissue, which can be obtained using surgical procedures such as liposuction. The cells are tested for their ability to differentiate in vitro into adipocytes, chondrocytes, and osteoblasts.The multilineage capacity of mesenchymal stem cells makes them very valuable for cell-based medical therapies.

  • Product Specification

    Cell density: (1x10^7 cells/vial)

    Cell source: Human

    Origin: Abdominoplasty or Breast reconstruction

    Number of Passage: P1-P3

    Suggested medium: F12:DMEM + 10% FBS


    Key Features

    • Guaranteed Growth Performance
      All of our MSC are guaranteed to grow with a doubling time of <30h for a minimum of 10 population doublings.
    • Differentiation Tested
      Each MSC lot is tested for differentiation into osteoblasts, adipocytes and chondrocytes in accordance with ISCT* guidelines.
    • ISCT* Marker Panel
      Each MSC lot is tested for CD73+/CD90+/CD105+ and CD14-/CD19-/CD34-/CD45-/HLA-DR-.
    • Higher Result Comparability
      Our newly designed MSC Growth Medium 2 with low-serum content (2% FCS) ensures low batch-to-batch variation.
    • Defined & Xeno-Free
      DXF Medium available for defined and xeno-free MSC culture.
  • Return & Refund Policy

    I’m a Return and Refund policy. I’m a great place to let your customers know what to do in case they are dissatisfied with their purchase. Having a straightforward refund or exchange policy is a great way to build trust and reassure your customers that they can buy with confidence.
  • Shipping

    Domestic: For customer from Klang Valley, the shipping and handling fee is inclusive. Whereas, for other states in Malaysia, the shipping fee will be incurred according to the GD Express and Nationwide Express shipping charge guidelines. 


    International: We ship to international customers via FedEx. Shipping and handling fee upon request.  

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