Mass Spectrometry Service

Cytomics offers protein sequencing services for protein identification, protein quantitation and for identifying post translational modifications (PTM).  We utilizes nano LC/MS/MS technology for all the protein identifications. Hence we can tailor our LC to analyze from a simple gel plug to a complex sample like cell lysate or plasma. To increase coverage of protein identification on a complex sample like serum, plasma, whole cell lysate and tissue homogenate we utilize Multi-Dimensional Protein Identification Technology (MudPIT) technology to reduce sample complexity.

Our service platform is to assist the scientific community address their protein analysis needs with our cutting-edge technology, technical excellence and scientific innovation. 

  • 1D NanoLC ESI MS/MS analysis for Protein Identification 

  • 2D LC-MS/MS Electro-Spray Ionisation (ESI) MS/MS Analysis for Protein Differential and Expression Analysis

  • Intact Protein Characterization

  • Post Translational Modification (PTMs)

  • Targeted Peptide (SRM/MRM)

  • MALDI--TOF for Protein identification 



Protein Identification

A peptide centric (bottom up) approach using nanoLC-MS/MS and multiple modes of fragmentation (CID, HCD, ECD) to identify the amino acid sequences of peptides.

Samples from solution or polyacrylamide gels are digested using trypsin (alternative enzymes available); peptides are purified, concentrated, and loaded onto a nanoLC C18 analytical column. Read more

Protein Differential/Expression Analysis

Relative Qualitative and Quantitative approaches indicating protein levels within the same sample as well as differential levels among samples. A variety of approaches exist within this category. Modern proteomics dictates that protein identification is only part of the puzzle, and increasingly it is necessary to understand the expression profiles of protein(s) within the overall context of the cell. Multiple solutions exist, some more accurate, robust and applicable than others. Our lab has experience with several methodologies including. Read more




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