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The proteomic service includes the protein identification and quantification, glycan analysis as well as protein-protein interaction.


NanoESI LC/MS/MS technology was used for all the protein identifications. Hence we can tailor our LC to analyze from a simple gel plug to a complex sample like cell lysate or plasma. To increase coverage of protein identification on a complex sample like serum, plasma, whole cell lysate and tissue homogenate we utilize Multi-Dimensional Protein Identification Technology (MudPIT) technology to reduce sample complexity while improving low abundance protein recovery.

Our service platform is to assist the scientific community address their protein analysis needs with our cutting-edge technology, technical excellence and scientific innovation. 

  • Protein Identification and Profiling

  • Protein Differential Expression Analysis

  • Intact Protein Mass Characterization

  • Post Translational Modification (PTMs)

  • Glycan analysis

  • Co-IP MS Protein-protein Interactions (PPI)

  • Exosomes Proteome Profiling and Quantitative Analysis

Small Molecules and Metabolomics

High resolution accurate mass services for molecular formula confirmation for small molecules including synthetics, natural products, pharmaceuticals and metabolites. We also conduct small molecule bioanalytical studies for drugs and their metabolites.



  • High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HRMS) for Small Molecule Characterizations - Characterize organic (synthetics or naturally occurring) and organometallic compounds using high resolution accurate mass (HRAM) mass spectrometry. This service is well suited to the identification of purified compounds and new chemical entities.


  • Small Molecule Quantitation - Small molecule bioanalytical quantitation can be used to measure the amount of a compound in complex biological matrices such as plasma, urine. Targeted quantitative mass spectrometry approaches such as PRM and SRM was used to conduct full bioanalytical studies for drugs and their metabolites.


Cytomics partnered with GenScript to provide comprehensive molecular biology services to help with your research needs. 


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