Mass Spectrometry Service

Cytomics offers protein sequencing services for protein identification, protein quantitation and for identifying post translational modifications (PTM).  We utilizes nano LC/MS/MS technology for all the protein identifications. Hence we can tailor our LC to analyze from a simple gel plug to a complex sample like cell lysate or plasma. To increase coverage of protein identification on a complex sample like serum, plasma, whole cell lysate and tissue homogenate we utilize Multi-Dimensional Protein Identification Technology (MudPIT) technology to reduce sample complexity.

Our service platform is to assist the scientific community address their protein analysis needs with our cutting-edge technology, technical excellence and scientific innovation. 

  • 1D NanoLC ESI MS/MS analysis for Protein Identification and Profiling

  • 2D LC-MS/MS Electro-Spray Ionisation (ESI) MS/MS Analysis for Protein Differential and Expression Analysis

  • Intact Protein Characterization

  • Post Translational Modification (PTMs)





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