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AteloGene® Local Use in vivo Transfection Kit

AteloGene® Local Use in vivo Transfection Kit

Improved gel forming speed and transfection efficiency!!


This in vivo transfection kit is designed for delivering siRNA/miRNA into animal tissues, mouse in particular, to introduce the siRNA/miRNA into cells by local administrations.
Atelocollagen is positively charged and can thus electrostatically form complexes with nucleic acids when they are mixed together at appropriate concentrations and ratios. The complexes protect nucleic acids from being degraded by nucleases in in vivo

  • Feature and Advantages

    • Prolonged in vivoRNAi effect because atelocollagen, the main component of AteloGene® products, form complexes with siRNA/miRNA
    • Since AteloGene® products are made from atelocollagen, it is nontoxic.
    • AteloGene® Local Use gelates in the body and siRNA/miRNA are slowly released from the gel at the site of administration.
    • AteloGene® Local Use “Quick Gelation” has been modified to increase in vivo transfection efficiency by focusing on faster gel formation at the site of administration.
  • Application

    Local administration of nucleic acids

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