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BLUltra Prestained Protein Ladder

BLUltra Prestained Protein Ladder

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► One-Vial-Fits-All: New broad-range protein ladder from 6.5kDa to 270kDa.

► Higher Added Value: Tri-colors and 10 bands with premium quality.

► Better performance for high molecular weight proteins.

► Clear separation map from 6.5 kDa to 270 kDa in the Tris-Glycine system.

► Enhanced transfer, wash, and stripping durabilities.


• 3 μl or 5 μl per loading for clear visualization during electrophoresis on 15-well or 10-well mini-gel, respectively.
• 2.5 μl per well for general Western transferring.


Storage Buffer : 

62.5 mM Tris-H3PO4 (pH 7.5 at 25 °C), 1 mM EDTA, 2% SDS, 10 mM DTT, 1 mM NaN3, 33% glycerol.


Quality Control : 
Under suggested conditions, BLUltra Prestained Protein Ladder resolves 10 major bands in 4-12% Bis-Tris Gel(MES buffer) and after Western blotting to the nitrocellulose membrane.



For long-term storage, store at -20°C.
Stable for up to 3 months at 4°C.
Stable for up to 2 weeks at 25°C.


Note: The apparent molecular weight (kDa) of each protein has been determined by calibration against unstained protein standards; supplemental data should be considered for more accurate adjustment in different electrophoresis conditions.
All products are for research use only.

Caution: Not intended for human or animal diagnostic or therapeutic uses.

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