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About us 

Cytomics Sdn. Bhd. founded since 2013 by a group of peoples from different background in life sciences, sales and marketing. We distribute wide range of products in life science, biomedical and analytical chemistry to universities, research institutions, biotechnology companies. Our products and services includes molecular biology, multiomics sample preparation, extracellular vesicle, 3D cell culture system and mass spectrometry analysis.

In 2017, we established Thermo Orbitrap and Agilent Technologies Quadrupole Time-of-Flight (Q-TOF) mass spectrometer platform to support researcher in multiomics and small molecule profiling. Our professional service team possessed experience in handling different type of biological samples to meet our customer satisfaction. Today, we have been processed more than one thousand samples nationwide. We welcome the researcher and scientist from worldwide to collaborate with us to discover the deep knowledge in life sciences.

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