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VECELL® Gas Permeable G-Plate (6 well/24 well/96 well)

VECELL® Gas Permeable G-Plate (6 well/24 well/96 well)

SKU: 671253175371

G-Plate scaffold consists of a unique 3D cell culture model by high oxygen permeable materials and application of artificial vessel techniques for fabrication. The features of transparency and surface smoothness prevent diffuse reflection and spreading of light source, and are suitable for imaging system including microscope observation from the bottom and drug discovery screening. Unlike spheroids, there is no cell death towards the center of the spheroid due to unique form and oxygen supply. A high Z-factor supports analysis of even the inside of the 3D structure. Cell sizes are close to natural tissue and nuclei are also compact.


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    Cell culture plastic plates has been shown to be suitable for the culture of many cells and is suitable for the cultivation of a short period of time, however, there is no gas exchange from the bottom plastic plates, considerably reduced the oxygen concentration around the cells has been known. For an expression and drug discovery screening of biological functions cell culture system of higher oxygen concentration has been required. Vessel Inc. has exlpored the hybrid plate combining the porous material with gas permeable membrane. Now the new gas permeable cell culture plate which is more simple is launched .


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